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Since its establishment in 2004, the Foundling Museum has generously been supported by many individuals, companies, trusts and foundations all of whom have been passionate about helping the Museum celebrate and continue the history of artists improving children’s lives.

As a registered charity (charity no 1071167) which receives no core public funding, the Foundling Museum is creatively and financially independent. We offer many different ways to get involved with the work of the Museum whatever your level of interest or inclination, or capacity to give.


Pro Dono

Pro Dono a not-for-profit organisation which arranges one-to-one experiences with famous figures or ‘Ambassadors’, to raise money for charity formally launched at the Foundling Museum on Tuesday 27 September 2011. The Pro Dono Ambassadors include politicians, Michelin-starred chefs, Olympic gold medallists and Hollywood actors. For a donation to their chosen charity they offer their time to meet for a lunch, dinner or activity relating to their area of expertise (for example, a cookery lesson with Raymond Blanc or a tour of Westminster with Ann Widdecombe).

Four Pro Dono Ambassadors have nominated the Foundling Museum as their chosen charity: Lars Tharp, Jon Moulton, Jacqueline Wilson, and Will Tuckett. To meet any of the Pro Dono Ambassadors hoping to raise money for the Foundling Museum - why not have a personal, guided tour of the Museum with Lars Tharp? - visit or email the Development Department.













Image: The Grant of Arms, 1747, William Hogarth. It shows the Foundling Hospital's Coat of Arms: a child flanked by Britannia on the right and Nature on the left. The lamb, used as a symbol of the Foundling Hospital, holds a sprig of thyme in its mouth © Coram