Designed with creative ambition, sensitive to its history and constructed to exacting contemporary standards, the Museum accommodates receptions for up to 200 guests. The Museum is arranged over four floors. Receptions can occupy the entire Museum, allowing guests to enjoy all of its varied galleries. Receptions are normally held over a three hour period occupying the contemporary and historic spaces in the Museum,

Guests are offered a drink on arrival and are able to wander through the ground floor Coram’s Children Gallery and Committee Room giving the visitors an insight into the fascinating history of the Foundling Hospital.

The Court Room designed by William Hogarth as the showcase for British Art and the largest private collection of George Frederic Handel memorabilia is held in the Coke Collection; both can be incorporated into receptions. The heart of the event is normally held in the magnificent Picture Gallery which accommodates many of the grand, full-length and smaller portraits which established the collection in the 1740’s, including William Hogarth’s portrait of Thomas Coram.

It is recommended that guides can be on hand to talk informally to guests throughout the evening to enhance the visitor’s evening. The more formal part of the evening can be held in the Picture Gallery where speeches can take place and up to 180 guests can congregate. Sparkling and white wine can be served with canapés and bowl food throughout the galleries during the evening.

A marquee expands capacity for receptions. The Foundling Museum is now able to host receptions for up to 300 guests with the addition of a marquee situated next to the Museum. The stylish marquee is positioned at the foot of the Museum entrance and in front of a statue of Thomas Coram allowing guests to flow between the Museum and have access to the leafy surrounds of Brunswick Square which contrasts with the frenzy of Kings Cross.