Research Resources

There are multiple resources to aid you in researching the Foundling Hospital and it's Collection.

You can download a comprehensive bibliography of publications relating to the Foundling Hospital by clicking on the link below.

Foundling Hospital Bibliography 

Listed below are selected highlights which will provide an introduction and overview of the subject matter.

Gavin, Jamila, Coram Boy (Chatham: CPI Mackays, 2004)

Levene, Alysa, Childcare, Health and Mortality at the London Foundling Hospital 1741-1800 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2007)

McClure, Ruth K., Coram’s Children: The London Foundling Hospital in the Eighteenth Century (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1981)

Pugh, Gillian, London’s Forgotten Children: Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital (Stroud: Tempus, 2007)

Styles, John, Threads of Feeling: The London Foundling Hospital’s Textile Tokens, 1740-1770 (London: The Foundling Museum, 2010)

Wedd, Kitt, The Foundling Museum Guide Book (London: The Foundling Museum, 2009)

Including the Collection Catalogue, there is a variety of useful online resources listed below. 

Bridgeman Art Library

Images from the Foundling Hospital Collection can be viewed and purchased through the Bridgeman Art Library.

Foundling Voices

Foundling Voices is an online resource which features the experiences of former foundlings whose memories of their childhoods in the first half of the twentieth century are graphically preserved in audio interviews, photographs and film. Foundling Voices was also an exhibition at the Museum in 2011.

Threads of Feeling

Threads of Feeling was an exhibition at the Museum in 2010/2011. The online exhibition showcases fabrics never shown together before illustrating the moment of parting as mothers left their babies at the original Foundling Hospital between 1741 – 1760.

The Early Years of the Foundling Hospital, 1739/41-1773 by D.S. Allin

D.S. Allin's research focuses on the early years of the Foundling Hospital, particularly the period of General Reception and its aftermath. Attention is also given to the important contribution of the branch hospitals. The Foundling Museum can provide a pdf copy of the research on request.

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